Status: transfer from DODS-data to partial https downloads ongoing on dev server ( and prod server (

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data aquision running for:

GFS-wave Model


Visualisation of new data:

Individual weather maps working:


  Visualisation for weather tiles

 - JSON data interface
 Transfer of new software to production server (  -
 - Implementation for new weather parameters


September 1st, 2021

  • added: automated download of RTOFS-data by https as netcdf from NOAA
  • added: remapping of difficult projection of the RTOFS data to simple rectangular projection and save in grib2 format
  • added: visalisation for the following weather tiles: sea_surface_current, sea_surface_temperature, sea_ice_coverage, sea_ice_thickness
  • added: visualisation of the following individual weather maps: sea_surface_current, sea_surface_temperature, sea_ice_coverage, sea_ice_thickness

July 3rd, 2021

  • added: automated generation of special grib2 file with data collection for generation of meteograms
  • added: generation of meteograms are working with more detailed data, quite fast (more then 1200 data points out of 3000000000 in less than 2 sec laughing.) 

June 6th, 2021

  • added: automated generation of netcdf file with data colection for generation of meteograms

June 3th, 2021

  • changed: due to heavy issues with the NOAA DODS-servers I was forced to move the new (beta) software to the production server, because via the DODS "path" it was impossible to get reliable data anymore.
    - The weather tiles as described in the status table above should work reliable from now.
    - Same for the "individual weather maps".
    - meteograms are not working anymore (will be fixed)
  • added: automated download of OSCAR Ocean data

May 12th, 2021

  • added: weather tiles generation with GFS data running
  • added: weather tiles generation with GFS-wave data running

May 1st, 2021

  • added: individual weather maps with GFS data running
  • added: individual weather maps with GFS-wave data running
  • removed: the usage of the RTOFS data is temporary? not possible due to two issues:
    - NOAA don´t get the DODS-Server with the RTOFS data running, see:

    - The visualization software is not able to work with the "full file downloads" due to the complicated map projection:
      The issue here is the combination of mercator projection and Arctic bi-polar projection.

April 26th, 2021

  • added: automated generation of grib2 descriptiuon and index files

April 21th, 2021

  • Bugfixes at new data aquision:
    - support files will be actualised before old data will be removed
    - support files will not be empty if no new data are available

April 18th, 2021

  • testing of new data cquision on new dev server und implementation on old dev server (to implement it later on the old production server untill the new system is completely ready.
    Main changes:
    - changed lot of common code cleanup
    - added: path to curl in environment for old server
    - changed: model time = UTC+5,5h ... instead of +5h
    - corrected RTOFS file name calculation
    - added: several improvements of the logging
    - added: communication between parent and child processes by files on (ram)disk
    - added: file size check of all downloaded files
    - changed: timedelay for retries changed from 1 to 10 seconds
    - changed: outdated data will be deleted at the end of each model download instead of the end of all downloads to save ramdisk space

April 8th, 2021

  • The complete data acquision on a dev server had been changed from DODS downloads to HTTPS downloads.

    (Speed) comparasion:
      DODS-downloads  HTTPS-downloads
    (atmoshere data)
     19  33 of more than 600 available
    Resolution in data points (lat*lon)  361*720  721*1440
    Timesteps  81 (3h, 10 days)  288 (1h, 5 days, 3h day 6-10)
    Datapoints 400 016 880 9 867 432 960
    Dataformat netcdf grib2
    Time to download  720 sec 170 sec
    speed factor per data point  104 times faster
    (ocean wave data)
     9  19
    Resolution (lat*lon)   336*720   721*1440
    Timesteps 61 (3h, 7,5 days)    288 (1h, 5 days, 3h day 6-10)
    Datapoints 132 814 080 5 681 249 280
    Dataformat netcdf grib2
    Time to download  360 sec 130 sec
    speed factor per data point  1 118 times faster 
    (Ocean data exept wave data)
     5  10
    Resolution (lat*lon)  2160*4320 3298*4500
    Timesteps  65 (3h, 8 days)  112 (1h, 3 days, 3h, day 4-8)
    Datapoints 3 032 640 000 16 621 920 000
    Dataformat netcdf netcdf
    Time to download  6240 sec 990 sec
    speed factor per data point  1 34 times faster 
  • new: parallel downloads (about 5-6 times faster with 10 parallel downloads)
  • new: partial https downloads are reducing the server load on NOAA side (about 5 times faster than requests through DODS server)
  • new: unsage o grib2 format instead of netcdf (about 4 times faster due to transmission of compressed data)
  • new. complete rewritten validation of correctness of the received data

 March 1st, 2021

  • Due to slow and unreliable downloads via the DODS-server, the decision for a change of the complete data acquision to https-downloads had been made.
    Also the support for the https downloads seems to be much better then for the DODS server.